Who We Are

Language is one of the most complex and fascinating biological, cognitive, cultural, and social features of humans. Linguistics is the study of language in all its variety and richness across different groups, populations, and ages. The Linguistics Society of Pakistan was founded to advance the scientific study of language. It plays a critical role in supporting and contributing to both theoretical and experimental approaches to language, including computational linguistics. The society aims in providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world and to provide a forum where academic linguists can discuss linguistic issues and exchange linguistic information. We invest our students into the community of linguistic scholars through active engagement in National and International Olympiads.

Language plays a central role in human development, cognition, interaction, and activity. The discipline of linguistics takes this central role of language as its starting point. Although inquiry into the nature of language has a long and illustrious history, modern linguistics is a relatively young discipline that is undergoing dramatic change. Some of the most important developments in the field involve a deepening understanding of human cognitive abilities, a stronger reliance on models of natural language in computer science, a better awareness of the place of language in matters of social justice and equality, and an increased integration of interdisciplinary scholarship about language.

The Society of Linguistics is one of the few societies in the Pakistan that captures the inherent breadth of the discipline by exploring the cognitive, interactional, cultural, and developmental aspects of language. Members and students explore language structure, history, knowledge, behavior, and use and work on the exposure of Linguistics.